Based on the novel “Mind Ambition” by Stephen Whaley

A Sci-Fi GameFi P2E NFT Experience

Grant Jemson, the top-ranked player of the online game Endless War loves flying spaceships, just not *in* space… but the stakes of Endless War prove higher than he could ever have guessed, trapping him between a painful past and a dystopian future. With the key to preventing a war between the Earth and her colonies buried inside his mind, Grant is forced to confront what he’s been hiding from for years: his own memories.

Join the Pilot's Club

The Endless War Pilot’s Club is an exclusive membership that is limited to the 888 maximum holders of an Endless War Pilot’s Club NFT. Your Endless War Pilot’s Club NFT doubles as a “founders club” membership to our metaverse where you will have exclusive benefits over non-holders and other Endless War NFT holders, including early access to our game and exclusive access to future limited edition NFT and merchandise drops, exclusive collections only available to Pilots Club members, the Pilots Club lounge on Discord, and much more.

Endless War Pilot’s Club NFT holders also receive a free airdrop of 500 WARDAO tokens per month until a total of 10M WARDAO tokens have been distributed to Pilot’s Club members. Since Endless War revenues are distributed to the WARDAO, all WARDAO holders will earn a proportional share of revenues according to the amount of WARDAO they hold. This means holding an Endless War Pilot’s Club NFT earns you residual income – for life! WARDAO tokens can also be purchased separately if desired.



Endless War revenues are distributed automatically to the WARDAO. All WARDAO holders therefore earn a share of Endless War revenues, proportional to the amount of WARDAO tokens they hold.


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