Based on the novel “Mind Ambition” by Stephen Whaley

A Sci-Fi GameFi P2E NFT Experience

“Grant Jemson, the top-ranked player of the online game Endless War loves flying spaceships, just not *in* space… but the stakes of Endless War prove higher than he could ever have guessed, trapping him between a painful past and a dystopian future. With the key to preventing a war between the Earth and her colonies buried inside his mind, Grant is forced to confront what he’s been hiding from for years: his own memories.”

Endless War is a GameFi play-to-earn NFT Metaverse Experience. Based on the novel “Mind Ambition” by Stephen Whaley. It is the first collaborative RPG that not only rewards individual players but also rewards the entire player base for reaching collective goals. Players must work together to protect the earth from the mysterious A-non, an alien race that has invaded the solar system. Players can choose their preferred method of contribution: active play, staking, or minting and trading NFTs.



Endless War revenues are distributed automatically to the WARDAO. All WARDAO holders therefore earn a share of Endless War revenues, proportional to the amount of WARDAO tokens they hold.


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